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River Of Time

  • March 4, 2015

We measure our lives in units of time – days, months and years – as we through Space, immersed in a river of consciousness that is always moving, forever changing. It is a River of Time, that on occasion can become a torrent, or an eddy, or a stream, or a trickle; forking here, merging there; relentlessly carrying us on through Life.  We are Time Travelers, bound by this construct of Time: catapulted through a Cosmos we can never know, on a voyage we struggle to articulate, yet are compelled to make.

Pull up a couch, grab some Milk Duds or Red Vines and spend an hour of your Time becoming a fellow traveler in our memorable journey back to Michigan and on to Tennessee and Arkansas, where we visited with family, encountered former neighbors and met new friends.

By the way, for those of you who were at the Shiro’s dinner, through no fault of your own you didn’t make the cut. You can blame the cameraman for this one. Next time……

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