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Welcome to our extended family website and its archival trove of videos, slideshows, memorials, blog posts, and commentary. Here you will find historical content, social commentary, a few timely documentaries, and entertainment presented solely for the enjoyment of subscribers.

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Just so you know, we do not share any of your contact information. We’re not doing this for the money — just the glory.

This site is dedicated to the memory of generations who have preceeded us, both domestically and in the ancestral homeland of Ruthenia, a partial map of which (in Polish) is the background of this page; including but not limited to Ivan and Anna Babij, Paul and Elsie Babij, Peter and Mae Babij, Henry and Olga Balboni, Almon and Kathryn Blashill, George and Norma Davidson, William and Mary Rogers, Gil and Mabel VanConant and others whom we have recently lost most notably Mark Davidson together with siblings Bobbi (VanConant) Godman, Richard VanConant, and most recently Roger VanConant.  Rest in peace.

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