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Pysanka Master Class

  • July 13, 2018

Want to learn how to paint a pysanka? What’s a “pysanka”, you say? A pysanka is a type of painted Ukrainian Easter Egg. Painting them is not nearly as easy as those you might have boiled, inscribed with a crayon, then dipped into colored dyes like I did as a child.

In fact painting (literally writing) on a pysanka is a very intricate and difficult process mastered only by a true artist — like Halina Syroytuk who was our mentor for a master class she gave, documented in this video, and shot by Diana Borysenko our remarkably talented and resourceful guide/translator/driver/videographer/(you name it).

Visiting Lviv, one of Eastern Europe’s as yet undiscovered secrets, a traveler can be dazzled by its many pleasures, and one of those delights could be your own pysanka! Contact Diana Borysenko now to arrange your tour of beautiful Lviv and register for a masterclass with Halina.

Be sure to check out our blogs as well as the latest videos on our tours of “The Old Country” [Стара країна] featuring the amazing Diana not only as our guide, but translator and driver as well. Україна чекає на вас!

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