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A Letter From The Front: 1945

  • January 14, 2013

I was sifting through family archives and ran across a newspaper clipping from the local Croswell paper dated sometime in or after May of 1945. In the clipping were articles on local servicemen and their recent overseas postings, hospital admissions, awards and correspondences including the publishing of a letter that Captain Peter Babij sent to Grampa & Gramma Babij dated May 8, 1945 – VE Day. Here is the text of that letter.

May 8, 1945. VE Day. Heart of Germany.

Dearest Folks:

This is it. The blood, sweat and tears of four long years all stop in one 24 hour day — it’s fantastic but true.

Right now I feel as though there is no more war anywhere but have to get down to Earth once more because no doubt we will be heading south, to a different kind of war (Pacific?).

Celebrations in our company were nil, we took a half day off and we are all back to work. Nothing to drink except water. I’m glad its over anyway, regardless of celebrations. I’ll celebrate when I get home. Pop and I and you Mom and I hope both of the sisters are there plus Elsie and Paul to help me celebrate.

Reports are quite favorable that we will get a chance to go home before going to the other theater. Then several other things that look promising are coming up.

We have two perfect days over here, warm and sunny.

They certainly have beautiful scenic country over here. Lots of hills and woods. I occasionally take a trip in my convertible Opal coupe.

Well Mom, I’ve got to see how my Russian refugee is coming along. She may need some food. She lives in one of the cabins alone and is pretty ill. She told me that when the Americans were coming, and strafing and bombing near the place, a large group of them went into a cave. They stayed there 15 days without a bit of fire, so she caught a bad cold. She is about 50 or 55 years old but a really nice old lady, always has a smile.

Last week or other, I had these Germans dig up 79 Italian bodies out of a bomb crater and dig individual graves for them. When the SS Elite (Hilter’s private guard) passed through they shot them all and rolled them all together in a crater then covered them over with dirt. It was a horrible sight. These Germans are no good. Not one of them.

Well folks, guess that will be all for now. Just about time for my dinner anyway.

Love, Pete.

P.S. Hope to see you soon.”

Editor’s note: Captain Babij graduated from the Croswell High School in June 1938. He worked as an inspector with Detroit Ordnance before entering the Army. He was the first one to be inducted from there. He entered the Army as a private – in April 1941. He has been overseas 16 months with the Ordnance Heavy Maintenance and Repair. He is with the First Army. He has been a Captain for the past 18 months.

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