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Babijowa Hora (Babij Mountain)

  • November 13, 2008

In Western Ukraine, close by the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains lies a series of mountain ridges [Гора] bordering the town of Dolyna [Доли́на] which transliterates in English to “valley”.

One of these so-called “Horas” or “Goras” is called Babijowa Hora (Бабійова Гора) or Babij Mountain.  Apparently, this hilly area called “babyeeka” was named after a WW II resistance fighter whose surname was Babij (Бабій).

Wlodzimierz Macewicz

Wlodzimierz Macewicz

A few years ago, I received an email from a man called Wlodzimierz Macewicz, a man we’ve never heard of and certainly never met, extending an invitation to join his family ancestry site on It seems he has an ancestor who married a woman named Aniela Babij some seventy or eighty years ago. She died during WW II at the age of forty, apparently leaving no progeny – at least none were documented on her family tree.

Aniela’s father’s name was Grzegorz and his father was Jozef Babij, all from the Dolyna area it would seem. From what Wlodzimierz has put together, and it is an incredible work of love and devotion, there seems to be no direct link between the Babij’s of Dolyna and Ivan Babij’s family in Burkaniv (Borkanow) some 150 kilometers to the East.

In any event, we all owe Wlodzimierz a great big thank you.

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