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Welcome to our extended family website and its archival trove of videos, slideshows, memorials, blog posts, and commentary. Here you will find historical content, social commentary, a few timely documentaries, and entertainment presented solely for the enjoyment of subscribers and extended family.

All content on this site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Except as othewise noted, additional use licenses beyond the scope of this license are reserved and may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission from the content owners. That means original content posted on Ruthenians.net cannot be either downloaded or shared without written permission.

We welcome comments. However, in order to post comments or leave feedback you will need to first register for an account by completing the account subscription process (See Account Registration). You will have to provide a user name — a valid email address — and use a secure password: at least 12 characters containing at least one number, both lower and uppercase letters and one symbol [(!#$%&*)] character. Once approved you will be able to post comments on individual posts. If you are on a list of known spammers however, you will not be able to even register or post comments as we deploy several very aggressive comment spam plugins which effectively filter out such content. Also, attempting to post comments on our Contact Us page without first registering will result in those comments being rejected as SPAM.

Just so you know, we do not share any of your contact information with anybody. Your contact name and email address is required solely for validation purposes. We’re not doing this for the money — just the glory. This means Ruthenians.net is not a commercial site. We are not marketing anything here, least of all the privacy of our readers or of ourselves. The ones to watch out for are the surveillance capitalists like Google, Amazon, and Facebook whose AI driven algorithms continue to scrape our pages and the content of other sites worldwide, whose bots are busily mining data for their actual customers — the neoliberal capitalist infrastructure that is willing to pay a pretty penny for predictions about our propensities for prospective comportment and the underlying likelihood of our susceptibility to targeted propaganda. As a consequence, you and I are not their customers, we are the product being sold and are quite literally paying for our own brainwashing; the implication being that agreeing to surf the web using supposedly “free” social media tools provided by these surveillance parasites does not make us free from their exploitation of our privacy. If you are like us, in that we feel it is way past time that we get paid for our privacy — or at the very least that we have legal avenues open to us in order to assert our rights to personal privacy, drop us a line and join with the Electronic Frontier Foundation as we fight for our digital freedom. And just as a suggestion, drop your Gmail account and start using DuckDuckGo as your web search engine.

This site is dedicated to the memory of generations who have preceeded us, both domestically and in the ancestral homeland of Ruthenia, a partial map of which (in Polish) is the background of this page; including but not limited to Ivan and Anna Babij, Paul and Elsie Babij, Peter and Mae Babij, Henry and Olga Balboni, Almon and Kathryn Blashill, George and Norma Davidson, William and Mary Rogers, Gil and Mabel VanConant and others whom we have recently lost most notably cousin Mary Kay’s husband Don Darnell; cousins Mark Davidson together with the VanConant siblings Bobbi Godman, Richard, and Roger; and cousin Ann Chavez’s daughter Beth McDonald.  Відпочинок у світі [Rest in peace].

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