Kathryn Bly’s Quilt

  • February 9, 2013
Kathryn Bly’s Quilt

Kathryn Bly’s Quilt – 1906 Unseen for more than 60 years!

Kathryn Bly ca. 1905

Kathryn Bly ca.1905

This is a quilt made by Kathryn Bly in 1906, more than 100 years ago. It has not seen the light of day for at least 60 years – the day that Kathryn died and the quilt subsequently passed on to Ma (Elsie Joyce Blashill).

Ma kept the quilt, along with other precious heirlooms like her wedding dress, Dad’s Navy officer’s blouse, a 48 star Anerican flag, and a boxed set of silverware, in one of those classic chests made of mahogany lined with cedar that graced the living room of the house on Kinmore Court. Read more...

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