Armageddon: Now And Forever

  • September 5, 2014
Armageddon:  Now And Forever


Armageddon Now and Forever – The Forever War Chronicles Chapter Six.

The above cartoon is the graphic inspiration for this discourse with my friend and fellow traveler exploring The Road of Life, Robert Estrada as we share points of view about the latest theater of The Forever War taking place in Syria.

“Of course the cartoon which rests in the minds of those who see militant Islamist beheadings, rapes, abduction into sex slavery, and wholesale slaughter upon religious lines as actually threatening would feature characters not with the crazed eyes of panic but rather the glazed eyes of those who fail to recognize an enemy until it Is too late…ala Neville Chamberlain.” — Robert Estrada


The Enemy Of My Friend ….

  • January 20, 2014
The Enemy Of My Friend ….

A recent AP post decries the evidence culled from interviews with local soldiers, residents, officials and western diplomats, of a resurgence of al Qaeda activity in Southern Libya hysterically claiming local authoritites are “fighting a losing battle to stem the flow of armed militants with suspected links to al Qaeda who use (the area) as a freeway across Northern Africa”. The report further states that these insurgents are “restocking weapons and mining disaffected minorities for new recruits as it prepares to relaunch attacks” as a part of an historical pattern of retreating to remote areas to regroup.


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