Estelle Spearman

Hard, Not Happy Times

  • September 26, 2010
Hard, Not Happy Times

You know I got to thinking. The perspective of (cousin) Anne’s story is from Aunt Stell who was 6 years younger than my mom (Olga Babij Balboni).

All The Farms

  • August 8, 2008
All The Farms

Back L–R: Peter Babij, Paul Babij, Anna Chuda Babij, John (Ivan) Babij, Henry Balboni, Olga Babij Balboni.
Front: Jimmy Babij

All The Farms

By Anne Spearman Chavez
August 8, 2008

Gramma and Grampa Babij were married in New York City. Grampa’s first name was actually Ivan. He always called Gramma “Hainka” which is a version of “Hanna”. Could it be there were not just two “Anna Chudas” and our Gramma’s real name was “Hanna?” (Editor’s note: There could be more than just two, however we must understand that “Anna” is a derivative of the given name “Hanna”, so maybe Grampa was just alluding to that fact when he called Gramma “Hainka”.) Read more...

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