Climate Change

The Old Country: Between The Forceps and The Stone

  • September 3, 2019
The Old Country:  Between The Forceps and The Stone

Former Business Offices Of Prokop Babiy, Burkaniv.


“How can you be in two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all”?

The Firesign Theatre..

Isn’t that what “Dreaming” is – being cognitively in separate spaces at the same Time – “Anywhere” and “Nowhere” at once? Life then, like the song lyric, may indeed be a Dream, infinitely intertwined along a continuum of separate realities. How many of us right now at this instant are alive on this planet; seven plus billions? Life then, might be a projection of seven billion multiple realties radiating from seven billion human bi-locating sources; finite creatures interlinked via rhizomatic networks along finite timespans, dreaming versions of the ultimate non-sequitur: Immortality.

A Drop In The Bucket

  • January 29, 2014
A Drop In The Bucket

We recently took a tour of the (once) private quarters of the Hearst family at Hearst Castle, courtesy of the California State Parks. In this day and age dominated by subjects like climate change and income inequality, it was ironic to be standing in the private rooms of the scion of one of this country’s richest families – one that in its current corporate incarnation, still owns and operates a media empire rivaled by few, ranging from print to broadcast outlets to the internet (Mozilla), viewing a legacy gathered from around the world acquired at no small expense that at least in name, was now the property of the people of California, because of a deal struck in the late Fifties in which the State had acquired the property from the Hearst family for one dollar (and a huge tax write-off).

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