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The Spanish Flu and Our Family

  • March 20, 2020
The Spanish Flu and Our Family

By Anne Chavez

Dear Family,

We’re all wondering how long this flu crisis is going to last so I did a wee bit of research. I’m including Susan Kaye and Jimmy in this email because I suspect they’re doing some research of their own. Please correct me if any of my details are inaccurate and/or fuzzy.

The Spanish flu of 1918 was from the H1N1 group. There were three (3) waves that hit the world.

The Old Country: Ternopil Oblast

  • September 23, 2017
The Old Country:  Ternopil Oblast

UKRAINIAN [Українська].

The earliest recollection I have of hearing the ethnic appellation Ukrainian applied to our family name Babij was in the Fall Quarter of my first year of college during the Kennedy Era when I received a telephone call from a woman (whose name unfortunately I do not recall) inviting me to a gathering of Ukrainian-descendant students to be held at an apartment in the campus married housing complex. The woman went on to describe what typically went on during such occasions: an exchange of tales relating to family lineage and history; performances of traditional folk songs and dance; picnics where participants cooked and ate traditional food like beet soup, pedaheh (varenyky) dumplings and stuffed cabbage called holubtsi or “pigs in a blanket”, similar to those I’d tasted before that had been made by Grandma Anna; and Sunday excursions to the local Orthodox church for Mass.

100th Anniversary: Anna Chuda and John (Ivan) Babij

  • June 15, 2016
100th Anniversary:  Anna Chuda and John (Ivan) Babij

On May 14th 1916, more than one hundred years ago, Anna Chuda and John (Ivan) Babij were married in Saint George’s Ukrainian Catholic Church on East 7th Street in New York City.

Hard, Not Happy Times

  • September 26, 2010
Hard, Not Happy Times

You know I got to thinking. The perspective of (cousin) Anne’s story is from Aunt Stell who was 6 years younger than my mom (Olga Babij Balboni).

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