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  • March 6, 2016

It’s that time of year again…. Winter! And after four years of drought our Left Coast version finally came with the white stuff; tons of it. So…on Artemis’s birthday we decided to celebrate it in the snow up at Lake Tahoe. It’s mukluks, mackinaws and mittens.

If that wasn’t enough, the very next week we motored down the Central Coast for our annual outing to the Cambria Art & Wine Festival, hospitality courtesy of Gary Anderson of course, where also we got to celebrate Artemis’s birthday again.

Sabin, Greg Lucas and I took a side trip to Morro Bay for some oysters and sightseeing. The original plan was to visit an old Navy buddy named Robert Takken who ran Takken’s Shoes, a chain of stores that started 30 years ago in San Luis Obispo. But once we got to the SLO, his employees told us Robert had recently moved the main office further North to Templeton. So no cowboy boots for Greg. Bummer, but the oysters and clam chowder in Morro Bay were great.

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