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Thumb Prints

  • June 5, 2019


Well, first off we’d like to wish all of you a memorable Memorial Day.  We — meaning The Siblings [yeah all of us for once] – together with cousins Mary Kay Darnell and Jim Davidson from the Davidson/Blashill side of our extended family plus offspring and their extended families – gathered together on Mother’s Day weekend for a joyous celebration of our niece Krystn Leszczynski’s birthday and also to pay homage to those whom were responsible for all of us being here in the first place.

Since it’s Memorial Day – and you are also going to see a lot of cemeteries and tombstones, we’ve decided to  call this episode Thumb Prints.

So hunker down on the couch, put your cell phones on Airplane Mode, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and get ready for about 70 minutes of humor and history during which you’ll hear new voices and meet new faces, hear old stories from familiar old faces, uncover some shocking revelations [be sure to watch everything to the very end] and see the sights and sounds of The Thumb.

You do know what “The Thumb” is, right?  No it’s not what you stick out when you’re hitchhiking.  What, you’ve never hitched a ride before?  Well, here’s your chance and its a lot safer.

Anyway coherencing aside, for those of you whom are uninitiated non-Michiganders,  you just stick out your Left Hand – palm away-  in front of you.  That’s as direct and as simple a representation of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula as seen from Space as we can offer. Now point to your thumb, you know that appendage you use to type emojis with. That’s where we’re all from – The Thumb District.  Now stick it into that dish of popcorn in front of you,  grab a handful and chow down.

What more can I tell you??

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