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The Tryzub Tales

  • December 27, 2017

So what is a “tryzub” anyway? Until last August (2017) I had no clue either. The literal translation from Ukrainian is “trident” but there is oh so much more to this symbol, one that has roots that go back to the Varangians — a term used by Ruthenians & Greeks to characterize the Vikings — and specifically a group of them known as Rus (Рус) the ruling dynasty of the Kievan Rus, whose origins date from the Ninth Century.

The Tryzub symbol was embossed on the coinage of the Kievan Rus but is thought by historians to be a religious icon symbolizing the Holy Trinity, rather than a trident. Others contend that the image is actually a stylized falcon, the two flanking arms being wings while the center represents the body of a gyrfalcon. In any event, currently the Tryzub is a representation of the Ukrainian Coat of Arms. The one we use as our logo for is an artist’s rendition designed to mirror the colors of the Ukrainian flag — the blue of the sky over the gold of the fields of grain.

So it’s that time again — more stories and family legends, this time wrapped up in blue and gold. Hey! Aren’t those the colors of the Mighty Wolverines? Yeah, but there’s no football in this video — just some “tee-ball” for the tots and lots more Бабій Байка….for posterity. Enjoy

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