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The Old Country – A Slideshow

  • March 23, 2020

“There’s One More Thing” as Steve Jobs used to say….a slideshow. Yup. Your favorite stills and frame captures from our four Old Country videos published [so far] here on As these projects are measured, this one is a quickee with a splendid soundtrack featuring songs by the likes of Dakhabrakha (one of our faves), ONUKA, and two by Bria Blessing from her album with ShockolaD – a tribute to legendary composer Volodymyr Ivasyuk.

You can even sing along while you’re scarfing down some pirogies and borsch. If you haven’t tried pirogies and/or borsch yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Please be sure to view our previous videos on the “Pysanka MasterClasses” featuring Pysanka writing sessions led by Master Folk Artist Halyna Syrotyuk and “The Old Country – Galicia“.

Plus you won’t want to miss the posts on our visits to The Old Country starting with: The Old Country – Ternopil Oblast; then The Old Country – Ivano-Frankivsk; followed by The Old Country – Lviv; from 2018 both The Old Country – In Nomine Patris; and The Old Country – Salt of The Earth; and our from our most recent visit to Galicia “The Old Country — Between The Forceps And The Stone” in which we both expound upon our innate mortality and expand upon even more ancestral links including those with actual living relatives. Quite a read. But don’t despair.  There will be more [we hope] in 2021 – including if what I am told pans out – a trip to one of the most unique places on Earth — well, Ukraine at least: Tarakaniv Fort!

And if all of this doesn’t whet your whistle for a visit to our ancestral homeland, check out Diana Borysenko‘s website for links to all of the tours, masterclasses, activities, and ancestral heritage services she provides.

Once again, this all happened because of Diana Borysenko. Just sayin’.

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