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The Left Forum 2016 – Featuring Chris Hedges

  • May 24, 2016

In this excerpt from the plenary event for The Left Forum 2016 held in New York City, author, activist, and pulitzer prize winning journalist Chris Hedges addresses the need for the Left to foster and build a movement to keep the unfettered power of the corporate state in check, because without such movements all power becomes despotic especially now, when our political and economic system is teetering on the brink of photo-fascism.

Speaking out on the current national primary elections Hedges makes the case that Bernie Sanders has made a huge mistake, making a pact with the devil — the DNC — to run under the Democratic Party banner, when the entire party system is rigged — to the point of overt theft of votes and the locking out of independent voters — in order to promote the candidacy of Hillary Clinton – the party’s anointed leader.

“The cost of running the primaries is paid for by the taxpayers, yet the primary rules are determined by the Democratic Party…You have a system of super delegates, you have money from super PACS, and it’s very clear that without all of these mechanisms, Sanders would win the nomination. And yet through this long process, we have been given palpable evidence that democracy within the United States is a facade.”

First aired on Truthdig.

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