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Song For Donnie Boy

  • February 13, 2019

In response to some of the comments made on this video here’s some disclosure. These guys aren’t from Norway. It’s Parody Project in costumes.

Music – Traditional Norwegian Melody
Lyrics by Don Caron

We’re happy about our country, thanks
and its praises are well-sung now
We’re one of the richest on the globe
here we take care of old and young now

the finest care is for all of us
disregarding annual income
We have respect and we’re treated thus
we protect ourselves and then some

The poor and the wealthy blend quite well
education is for all, oh
the progeny of the plumber sits with
those of the CEOs, oh

we strive for equal opportunity
human rights and gender equality
Norway is the happiest country
with lives of the highest quality

You profit from the plight of your elderly
and spend the most on health care
but your system comes in last each time
things don’t seem to ever improve there.

You rob the young of their future pay
funneled into your corporations
they leave their schools on the final day
with indebted complications

We resisted Nazi Germany
we built a system based on people
We have no need for your racist creed
Or your neo-nazi sheeple

Just because we are mostly white
doesn’t mean you are our brother
We don’t fit in with your whitewash plan,
we’re accepting of all colors

But we know that you excel
at certain things in the the USA, now
It’s only fair to acknowledge these
So we’ve one last thing to say, now

We’re aware that you are number one
for . . . for . . . citizen incarceration
You also landed in first place
for. . .
the most breast augmentation.

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