Portico Quartet

  • May 3, 2018

Portico Quartet is a contemporary jazz fusion ensemble from South London, England. Formed in 2006, the band features music inspired by the Hang, a metallic lap drum manufactured with clamped shells, the melodious sound of which resembles a steel drum pan or a Balinese gamelan. In any event they’ve introduced a brand new acoustic instrument into the jazz repertoire. Although much of their music is recognizably “jazz,” their use of the Hang creates a distinctive, instantly recognizable, sound that lies outside the expected sonic boundaries of contemporary jazz.

How did they settle on their name “Portico Quartet”? Band member Milo Fitzpatrick responds:

“We were in Italy before we were a band as such and we were touring this beautiful festival in Bologna. We were playing outside and it started to rain. The organiser said, ‘Go and play under the Portico’. It was a beautiful experience…really intimate, pouring down with rain, loads of people with candles and music, really great. We just got obsessed with the word Portico, started screaming it around, I don’t know why. We were looking for a name and we went through some terrible ones! We looked in a book and saw Portico and thought, ‘Why not?’”

This playlist contains songs gleaned from five of their albums. Check out their website for all of their current releases and news.

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