Lada Obradovic Project

  • September 21, 2018

Lada Obradovic is Croatian jazz drummer, composer and arranger. After finishing four years in the bachelor drums performance program at Academy of Graz, Austria, she moved to Bern where she earned a masters degree of performance jazz drums at University of Bern in Switzerland.

In 2016 she signed an endorsement contract with the British handmade drums company “Bay Custom Drums” as well as a contract with an American company “TRX Cymbals”. By Lada’s personal request TRX Cymbals has created a handmade Turkish cymbals as a prototype for their first jazz series (CLS series).

With three of her main projects “Lada Obradovic Project”, “Obradovic-Tixier Duo” and “David Tixier Trio” she participates in finals of many international jazz competitions. In May 2018, the duo won the second place on the American international female drummers’ competition Hit Like A Girl, based in California. In June 2018, the duo won the Jazz A Vienne (France) competition led by Giovanni Mirabassi (head of the jury) and in August 2018 the duo won the first place of “Jazz Au Phare” competition, in France.

The songs on this playlist are from her latest album “Portrait of A Pregnant Bumblebee”, recently released by Bauer Studios GMBH.

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