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Holiday Video Card For Anita

  • December 25, 2020


Since our literal realities have become “virtual”  [social media not withstanding], we thought you’d like a brief six minute slideshow that explores our collective Pasts created from photos we’ve  accumulated over Time; pictures taken by many of us – some by un-named and unknown ancestors – each image a казка [kazka] – a tale in itself.

Tales told in light shows depicting re-unions; weddings; anniversaries; birthdays; memorials; holidays; travels to ancestral homelands; as well as portraits of the sites, sights, facades, and faces no longer to be experienced – save virtually.   And for most of us that might prove to be real enough since according to some, the Universe is also just a light show.

So on this Virtual Holiday and going forward into Two Thousand Twenty One  – we send wishes to all of you and yours for a Joyous, Prosperous, and Safe New Year including a fervent hope that we will soon gather to celebrate – literally-  once again –  “Grid Willing And The Creek Don’t Rise”  [sounds like the title for another slideshow].

Love to each and every one of you.

Your Daily Llama

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