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  • August 13, 2016

Jesse & Kim Hook Up!

Now we’ve all been to a wedding or three – maybe even your own. So you know that all weddings are traditionally a showcase for the bride – and the groom – well he (or she) just has to get used to having Life planned for him. Somebody has to do it because guys typically like to wing it – like renting a room down at Hooters with a pot-luck dinner and a karaoke jukebox for entertainment. After all, if you don’t want to get it together, why get married?

Let’s face it guys. If you’re like me, you are the last person to find out what’s about to happen anyway and it’s your fault for not sussing out whatever that is from the get go.

Way back when – before cell phones, the Internet, and sushi – nuptials ceremonies were held at the local parish church beginning with a high mass (or “magic show” as we used to call it); with the bride’s family and friends seated on the left and the groom’s people on the right; that included lots of “kyrie’s”, genuflecting and maybe a plenary indulgence or two thrown in.

Then later that evening the reception was held at a local union hall featuring an actual live band – Larry Jablonski and The Syncopaters decked out in matching tuxes, with Larry on the accordion and vocals belting out the bride’s parents’ favorite tunes, including the “Bunny Hop”, the “Huckle Buck”, a few waltzes and lots of polkas. You really had to either know how to polka or look good faking it.

Later on in Life these receptions saw Larry and his accordion replaced by a dude with a “duck’s ass” haircut and pointed-toe shoes banging on a Farfisa to the tune “Wooly Bully”.

Seriously though, the bride does a lot of work prepping for the most important day of her life, and this celebration was no exception. Kimmy and her support group – Krystn, Karen & Al, Danny, Dave & Laura, the bride’s maids, and even Jesse – all of them worked their butts off to put on one amazing party. All weddings are memorable, bringing together family and friends. Kim and Jesse’s wedding was full of memories, fun and surprises — just like their lives will be together.

So set yourself down for 70 minutes of pure pleasure. Enjoy!


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