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Bali: Island Of Gods

  • August 7, 2015

If there was ever an affirmation of the adage: “It’s the Journey. It’s not the Destination” this celebratory trip to Bali, hosted by Artemis and Sabin, would qualify – even though the destination certainly begs the issue. For some the journey took multiple days with flights as long as 13 hours and the return home was delayed – for a few of us – due to volcanic eruptions. But it was worth every hour and sleepless layover.

Bali is truly the Island of Gods with mountain temples, roadside chortens, morning floral offerings, Hindu and some Buddhist iconography visible at every turn and at every venue. We were feted with gamelan musicians and kecak dancers and pampered by the attentive staff at the Villa The Sanctuary for almost a dozen deliriously delicious days (how’s that for alliteration).

So put on your sarongs – or wrap a towel around you – pour yourself a tumbler of Țuică and cozy up on the couch for a trip to Bali: Island of Gods. Just don’t hog the Țuică.

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