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Bali – Artemis and Sabin Nuptials

  • August 31, 2015

So how far would you go — I mean travel — to get married? City Hall? Convenient, but it’s practically just around the block, right? Would you go to Niagara Falls? Too old school, you say. Las Vegas? Too much like a one-night stand and really just a bit tacky, eh? How about the beach, say Zuma or Playa del Carmen or Fort Lauderdale? I get it. Too much sand that always seems to get in all the wrong places. Then you could check out the mountains, maybe? Telluride? Lake Tahoe? Banff? The Catskills? Oh – you get nosebleeds easily. Hey come on! You’re getting married. You have to make some sacrifices for the most important day of your lives.

Maybe you need a challenge, something to set the bar for what those nuptials really mean to you. How about 8,000 miles – or if you’re from the rest of the world 12,875 kilometers? That’s how far Artemis and Sabin “went” — 18-19 hours by air — to exchange marriage vows in one of the most beautiful and exotic places on Earth before a select group of family and friends; in Bali.

We’re talking Love, here. It doesn’t get any better.

Take a look at what you’re missing.

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