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Anyhow, last you heard from me David DeGraw, …I was reporting on our missing trillions, as many of you know, my website kept getting hacked. I couldn’t keep it online. I was being censored and suppressed. The whole thing turned into a very costly, time consuming, energy sucking, outrageously stressful situation, to say the least. It turned into an absolute life-consuming nightmare. My entire life got turned upside down for a while, to be bluntly honest with you. I nearly lost everything, literally.

I’ve fought some serious battles in the past. When you spend your life investigating systemic corruption, you come up against some really powerful interests, but this time I had to fight as hard as I’ve ever fought, harder than I ever thought I could possibly fight, just to get back here, to this point, with you, right here, right now, with you.

So Listen Now. Listen Now.

Conquer Propaganda

1000 Whistleblowers Silenced


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