It’s Our Money: Scarce Money — Abundant Problems

  • May 20, 2018

It’s Our Money: Scarce Money — Abundant Problems
It’s Our Money

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Public acceptance of the unacceptable conditions produced by a privately-controlled monetary world has institutionalized financial struggle and fiscal sacrifice because of the unnecessary scarcity of money. The growing worldwide call for public banks is helping create a new expectation – that money is a common and public utility that all people have a right to and that retaining public control of it for public purposes is simple common sense.

On this week’s program the benefits of a proposed public bank in New Jersey are illustrated in a new academic report from Distinguished Professor of Economics, Dr. Deb Figart, who speaks with Walt McRee about her recently completed study findings, while host Ellen Brown discusses the impact of neoliberal economics on the hardships being inflicted on students in higher education.

And Bob Bows offers another look behind the curtain of monetary control driving today’s global conflicts.

First Aired on It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown.

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