Intercepted: The Day After Mueller

  • March 29, 2019

Intercepted: The Day After Mueller

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IF WILLIAM BARR is not a complete idiot and liar, the Mueller Report is a devastating rejection of the Democrats’ major conspiracy theory on Donald Trump and Russia.

This week on Intercepted:

Naomi Klein analyzes the epic media failure on Trump-Russia and discusses the agenda for change and resistance that should have been.

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi details how the media failed to do its job on Trump-Russia.

Ali Abunimah, of the Electronic Intifada, lays out the scandal in plain sight: Israeli collusion with Trump and the broader U.S. political power structure.

The Intercept’s Jon Schwarz tells the bizarre tale of China’s illegal influence over the presidential campaign of Jeb Bush.

And Alison Klayman talks about her film “The Brink,” a look at the past year of Steve Bannon’s project to bring his white nationalist agenda global.

First aired on The Intercept.


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