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ДахаБраха (DakhaBrakha) – Brighton Dome

  • May 10, 2015

We were recently treated to a concert featuring DakhaBrakha at the Jazz Center in The City. It was hands down one of the most inventive, inspired, and incendiary live performances I have ever witnessed — and that would include those from the likes of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Kayhan Kalhor.    Here is a recent concert recorded live at the Brighton Dome.

A sonic feast as well as a visual spectacle, Kiev’s DakhaBrakha weaves ancient Ukrainian folk melodies into a subversive musical tapestry that embraces indie rock, pop, hip hop, the avant garde, and traditional instrumentation from around the world.
With a name (ДахаБраха) that translates as “give/take” in old Ukrainian, the quartet began a decade ago as the musical component of avant garde stage performances at the DAKH Theater in Kiev, cementing the group’s arresting visual image and signature theatrics.

Over the course of five increasingly accomplished releases, DahkaBrakha has honed a musical approach based around unearthly vocal harmonies and thunderous percussion, augmented by floating cello and accordion sonorities. The band calls their music “ethno-chaos,” a moniker that perfectly describes their fearless appropriation of African, Asian, Arabic and Western influences in creation of their singular sound. —- San Francisco Jazz Center.

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