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  • February 18, 2017

So….I received my DNA test results from (an Israeli company – parent to and the results are …. middling to mildly surprising. The key point to keep in mind is that results of this kind only show the population groupings with whom I (we) share DNA with. Click on the featured image for a close-up of the genetic map.

So what or who are we, according to MyHeritage?

64.2% North and West European
15.2% British and Irish
5.6% Finnish
11.6% Iberian
2.5% East Europe
0.9% Ashkenazi Jewish

The surprises are that there seem to be twofold: zero American Indian – contrary to popular belief – and not much Eastern European [which turns out to be quite inaccurate], Ivan and Anna’s lineage notwithstanding.

I have since subscribed for additional DNA analysis with  The results are posted here and seem to vary significantly from those published by MyHeritage — especially with regard to our Eastern European roots.

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