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The Enemy Of My Friend ….

  • January 20, 2014

A recent AP post decries the evidence culled from interviews with local soldiers, residents, officials and western diplomats, of a resurgence of al Qaeda activity in Southern Libya hysterically claiming local authoritites are “fighting a losing battle to stem the flow of armed militants with suspected links to al Qaeda who use (the area) as a freeway across Northern Africa”. The report further states that these insurgents are “restocking weapons and mining disaffected minorities for new recruits as it prepares to relaunch attacks” as a part of an historical pattern of retreating to remote areas to regroup.

And here is the quote which puts this whole report into the global context it should be evaluated from:

“Experts and Western Diplomats say, from desert bases, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (the region of North Africa west of Egypt including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, and Libya) is building up links to like-minded jihadists in Northern Libya and Nigeria, preparing new attacks on Western targets”.

In this report the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius is quoted as saying disenfranchised groups such as the Tuareg have to be “helped” economically in order to reduce the incentive to become al Qaeda allies. “We need to involve the minorities living across the borders and they need to have legal status. This calls for the economic development of the region.


This is the very strategy – famously called “The Surge” – that was arguably used to great effect in the Iraq war during which the recently discredited General Petraeus funneled untold millions of dollars into the hands of local tribal elders in the Faluja and Ramadi areas, buying their support in an effort to oust insurgents from their towns. Six years later, that strategy has collapsed completely as loyalties have swung back in favor of the Sunni-led ISIS insurgents futher undermining Shiite rule of Iraq. One has to ask – why? Obviously there is local support for such a change in allegiances, one not without its own ironies. One such irony is the possibility that the money didn’t flow down to the people, pooling instead at the top of the pecking order. Some got rich while others did not, breeding resentment and bringing to light the inherent Achilles Heel of capitalism – income disparity. Yet another set of ironies plays out as a result of tactics that global capitalism employs to confuse the issues and blur the sides.

Here are some key points to take note of.

1) Many locals either actively support the jihadists or trade with them which seems to undermine the Libyan government’s position that the insurgents are unwanted in the area.

2) The interviews cited in the AP article make heavily weighted references to unnamed “experts” and Western diplomats who by their responses parrot the Western line that these elements are comprised mainly of terrorists bent on the destruction of western targets it considers to be alligned with Chistian-Jewish organisations conspiring to destroy Islam.

3) Assuming that these first two points are either an accurate depiction of ongoing events in the region (and around the world) or the driving force behind their occurence, then an appropriate response from western alligned forces would likely be to take these positons as a threat to the economic ties being developed by western economies as they attempt to further terraform the Middle East into fertile ground for neoliberal capitalism.

4) The global banking system personified by the IMF and the ECB operating in tandem as the financial engine behind global capitalism, is considered by the jihadists to be evil and both guilty of usury and the corruption of Islamic values; sins punishable by death under Sharia law.

5) One definition of the term “politics” – at least the one that as a rule predominates policy in the world of The Forever War – is that it is “the control of economics implemented by military force”. This is a key element in setting international policy; it is the force majeure one must grasp when determining alliances.

So in the final analysis we have as the basis for this North Africa chapter of The Forever War, as with all wars: economic domination. And the strategy, as with all wars for economic domination originated by the rich and powerful, is to divide and conquer.

How is this done? Let’s step back a second and take a look at the players in this war.

For the muslims we have the Sunni and the Shia denominations. Who are they? Where do they come from? From whom do they get their support?

Sunnis represent the largest branch of Islam and Sunni Islam is the largest religious body and denomination in the world. Sunnis are concentrated mainly in the Middle East and North Africa in or surrounding Saudi Arabia. al Qaeda jihadists are almost entirely Sunnis, and one of its political arms is called Hamas which is active in the government of Palestine and the Gaza Strip. A WikiLeaks released memo from the United States Secretary of State sent in 2009 asserted that the primary source of funding of Sunni terrorist groups (al Qaeda) worldwide was Saudi Arabia.

—- Wiki.

Shias represent the second largest branch of Islam. Shias are scattered throughout the Middle East, Africa, Indonesia and Asia. Shias are represented in the conflict with Israel by its political arm called Hezbollah. Hezbollah receives substantial amounts of financial, training, weapons, explosives, political, diplomatic, and organizational aid from Iran and Syria.

—- Wiki.

The third side of this decidely unequilateral triangle is of course the governments backed and funded by the neoliberal capitalists, including the Saudis, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Turkey, Libya, The Emirates, and others.

Here is where theistic loyalities collide with global capitalism and how money talks and god walks. Syria and Iran are dominated by the Shia sect. Both are economic partners with Russia (oil) even though Russia is infamous for its suppression of its Chechen muslim minorities. Iran is intertwined with Iraq, having filled the void politically and militarily when the US ousted the Sunni Baathist party of Saddam Hussein. Many of these Baathist members together with some leaders in the Iraqi military who were prevented from being a part of the new government in Iraq, then joined al Qaeda and ultimately formed ISIS/ISIL, becoming active participants in the insurgency that is now threatening the hegemony of the Shias not only in Iraq but also in Syria, Libya, and now Iran.

Currently Iran is suing for peace along with Syria because both Shia nations are under attack from not only what are considered to be hostile forces from within the same region & religion – evidenced by Saudi Arabia’s support for Wahhabist jihadis in both countries – but from neoliberal capitalism itself via arms sales, boycotts and economic sanctions. There is another factor at play – not only here, but worldwide – that threatens the economic stability of the area – climate change – irrefutably caused in turn by the insatiable lust for growth demanded by neoliberal capitalism. Iran (and Syria) is slowly turning back into a desert and desperately needs outside help for its population to survive. Help will come at a price because to global capitalists, the enemy of my friend is my friend and potential debt peon.


Economic systems that oppose the financialization of world markets will be eradicated (no more Sharia law). How? The US has a secret military command composed of trained assassins that report directly to the president called JSOC – Joint Services Operations Command. As reported in Jeremy Scahill’s book Dirty Wars, JSOC is sent around the world with the mission to eliminate threats to global capitalism. Populations will eventually be moved off the land which will be sold to large agri-corps, relocated to large urban areas, indoctrinated by programs such as Core Curriculum, conformed to fit the needs of the marketplace, and made to work at subsistance or lower wages, producing fortunes for the ruling elite. This has already happened in Asia, Europe and the US and it is the plan for Africa, the Middle East including Syria and Iran, Ukraine, and ultimately Russia.

The Forever War is really a class war; the capitalist elites versus everyone else. The al Qaeda already know this. So shouldn’t we wake the fuck up to that fact?

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